Footsteps of the Deer

  I offer personal traditional shamanic healing sessions, teaching and workshops on deep listening and tools for stepping into the dream of nature. Most of my work is done around the sacred fire or along the river here at Sky of the Heart Preserve.

  I am part of a group of traditional medicine people who stand for the re-emergence of the sacred in everyday life. We believe a sustainable future is rooted in traditional indigenous wisdom. We are dedicated to cultivating awareness of the community of common heart through fire. We hold that everything is alive and in relationship and that to be fully human is to live from that perspective - the knowing of the heart. 

Why Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is humankinds’ oldest form of healing and spirituality, having supported and nourished the various peoples and cultures of the world for millennia. It’s relevance today is based on the fundamental wisdom that, in order to live a life of balance, fulfillment and health, we are designed to live in harmonious relationship with the living, natural, Divine world that has created us; the world from which so many of us have become disconnected.

Shamanism delves into the unseen world of energies and relationships to discover the underlying cause of a problem. Whether the issue is physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual, the shaman listens and looks at ever-deepening levels to reveal and heal the imbalance.

This may be for you if:

  • You have physical symptoms or a condition that has not responded to conventional healing methods or that you would like to treat holistically.
  • You feel a sense of isolation and a longing for deeper connection in your life
  • You have strong unresolved emotions such as grief, anxiety or anger that don’t seem to shift
  • You have trauma, past or recent, that needs to be healed
  • You would like to reduce your stress
  • You feel stuck, unmotivated and unable to move forward in your life